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Taofik Lucas-Walker, Superstar

My name is Taofik Lucas-Walker and I play the part of Jesus Christ in the play version of the movie The Thorn.

I love the name my mom gave me, more so its meaning. Taofik means “blessing, good luck” in Arabic and that definitely describes my life. People say, “How do you spell that? What a weird name!” And then they say, “I’ve never met anyone with that name… Oh, wait, that’s kinda cool!” My friends just call me “T.”

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​Cat Got Your Tenancy

Picture courtesy Mark LyndersayMy name is Ayanna Leonard and it took three months for me to find a pet-

friendly apartment.
I’ve lived in the West from age 12 onwards. So I say I come from the West although I was born in South and my formative years were in St Anns.

I come from a small family, just my mom, Josanne Leonard (the journalist), me and my brother, Sebastian. I have a small family myself. Just me and my daughter Jayyiidah-Rae. Jayyiidah is Arabic and Rae is because she’s a ray of light. It’s taken a while to get there but we have a remarkable understanding of one another.

From very young, I had a strange way of seeing the world. I’ve always felt like an adult.

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​It’s Not Easy Being Green

My name is Dr Everold Hosein and I am the political leader of the Green Party, the least well known political party in Trinidad and Tobago.

I was born many, many years ago in the small sugarcane village of California, where everybody mind your business. My father, a tailor, and my mother, a seamstress, had six children and a two-room barrack house. No pipe-borne water, no electricity. Not sure they finished primary school. But my father read the newspaper every day and had great debates in his tailor shop and my mother taught me long division with a piece of charcoal and a brown paper bag. We eventually got an upstairs-downstairs house, with water and toilet in the house. Quite an adjustment form the latrine. Every morning I swept the black soot from the Brechin Castle sugar factory off our gallery.

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​Backing into the Spotlight

My name is Ellen O’Malley Camps and I have a new project.

I’m probably better known in Trinidad and Tobago as Helen Camps, the theatre lady. I was involved in formal theatre and started Tent Theatre. But I’ve been out of theatre for a million years and I’m totally disinterested. That part of my life is completely over. All my theatre friends seem to be dead.

From 2004 or so until they shut us off for covid I started work on a film theatre programme at the Maximum Security Prison. During covid, I started a kind of a cottage version on Zoom of some of the things I did, offering it online. I call it the Nana Project.

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​It’s More Special for One O’ We

My name is Destra and no one has been looking forward to Carnival 2023 as much as me.

I’ve been looking forward to this Carnival so much because this year is 20 years since my first album dropped in 2003, 20 years of the iconic song It’s Carnival. Last year we had A Taste of Carnival, which was interesting. And a lot of people enjoyed it and were happy for the relief. But this is the first time since the lockdown we are doing Carnival in a natural way, going to parties and cooler fetes, interacting with people. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s the Mother of All Carnivals but it’s clearly a special one.

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