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The best of the DIRECTV primetime lineup

Too early and too late starting times, even for a Friday night, kept stronger titles, including a far better horror film (Let Me In BEST FILM OF THE DAY, 11pm CnCl) out of the top spot. As usual, the DIRECTV channel leads on music, with OneRepublic for the teeny-boppers (10pm) and Bob Dylan’s son’s band for the grownups (the Wallflowers On Soundstage, 11pm).

Today’s Number One Film:

Picture Credit - impawards.comThe Butterfly Effect 7.18pm HBO Plus Ch 526. Watch this if you liked The Number 23, Drag Me to Hell or Predestination. This film is not a iterary worth by a long, long shot but is just too wonderfully bad to be excluded from choice. No one outside of adolescence or a PNM Cabinet would swallow the idea behind it – that Ashton Kucher, former host of MTV’s Punk’d, blacks out at crucial times in his childhood to block out such delights as a child-molesting neighbour including him in an amateur porn film,

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