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White Nationalist Blowing Up All Over America

25 October 2018

Deerest Dairy

Things couldn’t be going more goodly! I ALL WAYS WIN AND ALL WAYS BIGGGGGGGLY! Of course, Fake News tries to make me look bad, like all ways, but DO THEY HAVE ANYONE BOMBING ME FOR THEM???? What a grate leader, to impulsify people to ACTUALLY BOMB CNN FOR ME!!!! Baboon Obama would kill for ratings like that!!!! NOW WE HAVE A MOVEMENT. Give me time, Dairy, and I will turn it into REAL TROOP MOVEMENTS!!!! It’s my bestliest idea, maybe ever, maybe even a bestlier idea than getting Ivanka to wear hot pants and that little red handkerchief as a halter, to match her G-string, when she was six!!!! Imagine what we could do, this movement of ours, IF WE HAD OUR OWN MILITIA! WE WILL PROTECT THE SECOND AMENDMENT. Because we’re going to need it. Steve Bannon toled me never to say it, just to live it, just to let them know whose side I was on BUT IT IS WHEN I SAYED I AM A NATIONALIST THAT I REALLY STARTED BLOWING UP!!!! Or the debased started blowing up for me, anyhow. American patriot, whoever it is behind this. I’ll pay his legal bills. And I’ll get even more like him when, just like I said, “Hey, I’m a nationalist”, when I say, “Hey, I’m white!” NOT EVEN BABOON OBAMA can doubt I’m white though he wasn’t American, scandal no one talks about, a Muslim Egyptian President! They all ready know I am a nationalist but wait until the debased hears me actually say I’m a WHITE NATIONALIST! Hmmmm. Must get one of my Uncle Toms to start saying on TV that he’s a Black Nationalist, set it up goodly. The ideas are coming fastly and furiously, just like that movie that shoulda won the Oscar. WHITE NATIONALISTS GOING TO CRUSH THE MID-TERMS!!!! And then we can start crushing the Niger-Americans; then the homos; then the Jews; except Ivanka; maybe even Jared, too.

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