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Arbor Resentment

FIRST BLACK FRIDAY of the year and, just like the first working day of the year, Y’Boy in one-them pensive mood, whereby he can’t think ‘bout nothing else other than the thing he thinking ‘bout, which is how them Maraval people and the Diego Martin Regional Corporation only un-fairing all them Catholic by trying to stop the Opus Dei school from opening on Long Circular Rd, which part it had one-them Japanee Chinee restaurant before, right there opposite the biggest Catholic church, by square footage and by congregation- and collection-size, in the whole of Trinidad; is like them adding insult to injury.

It have plenty other thoughts to think, eh, including a pressing and depressing Carnival one: how come Machel could get so much-a play for the Conny Voll that he could literally afford to make style on Fatima College all-exclusive fete, but, for the whole season, you can’t hear or see one of the greatest musicians Trinidad & Tobago ever produce, the Shadow, who by he one, completely change the music we call calypso, and then, like he not satisfy making Trini history forever just once, he turn ‘round and tackle and turn over the music we call soca. The musical genius who make the songs, “Bassman”, “Poverty is Hell”, “Obeah”, “Feeling the Feeling”, “Swing the Thing” and “Shift Yuh (Firetrucking!) Carcass”, the man who make all this incredible, undeniable music is, in modern Trinidad, incredibly, being denied. Not one fete Y’Boy hear ‘bout which part Shadow headlining; or even underlining.
Y’Boy could run away on that train of thought, which have plenty of carriage, all full with the same self-loathing that make Trinis chase like ‘gouti whatever they think is the American thing, whether is air-conditioned makeup truck or Cristal champagne instead of axle grease for Jouve. Jean & Dinah gone but the rest-a them still working for the Yankee dollar.

But, no, Y’Boy only steady studying how them Catholic getting maltreat in this farewell to meat week that them Catholic-self give we. How the state could mash up the church so? If it have Hindu and Muslim school preparing young Hindu and Muslim children for Hindu and Muslim adult life – which adult life, in the case of young Hindu and Muslim girls, begins at ages 12 and 14 years, respectively, the ages they parents could lawfully marry them off to grown hard-backed 60- and 70-year-old men, setting them little girls up for what, but for the grace of God and the provisions of the Hindu and Muslim Marriage Acts, would be statutory rape in they nen-nen.

If it have Pentecostal university, which part good God-fearing Pentecostals could go and learn that the 4.5 billion-year-old planet Earth is really only 6,000 years old, and the Apollo 11 moon-landing was really just a Hollywood movie stunt, and the onliest reason we doesn’t have dinosaurs today is becaw Noah did forget to take them on the ark. (Either that or that firetrucker, Japheth, forefather of North America, did wake up one morning and scramble the dinosaur egg and them to go with he coffee.)

If it have Jehovah Witness school whereby them does tell children God rather them to dead than have a blood transfusion, and Christian Scientists that teaching children that sickness is a illusion that could be cured by prayer alone, and Mormons all over Trinidad preaching a truth revealed by a conman.
And if it have Jewish school where them young Jew and them could be taught that God will get vexed if it have one Jew-boy in the whole world with a foreskin, or that God will get in a unrelenting tizzic and smite everybody if one of His chosen people only sniff a bacon.

If it have fundamentalist Islamists gunning down French journalist, massacring Nigerians by the thousand and burning man in cage to the glory of God.
Then why, in God name, it can’t have a fundamentalist Catholic school whereby all them little Catholic children could be taught, as fact, at an age when they swallow Santa Claus whole, that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin (impregnated by God himself, apparently without any foreplay, not even a dozen long-stemmed roses-self), and that when a man in a dress waves his hand over a biscuit, that thing that look like a see-through Crix does actually become the body and blood of a Jewish carpenter who died 2015-minus-33 years ago, and that, on a planet facing an extinction-level-event in its burgeoning human population, God want them NEVER to use artificial birth control?

No, right is right, and God must get He due in this holy land.

And, for all them Godless dorg who say that it shouldn’t have a next school in Maraval because, added to all them other schools that there already, it would tie up traffic so bad that, for thousands and thousands of people, life will become unbearable from first thing every school morning of life, the answer is plain: God will be so pleased to have a Opus Dei school teaching tiny children to do His own wuk, He, God, will make the traffic flow; if he could part the Red Sea by proxy, he could handle Boissiere Village with He little finger.

And, for all them dotish rationalists who suggest that what really matters is a intelligent discussion of competing claims for the very limited land remaining in Port of Spain, and the prioritizing of either personal belief or public good, Y’Boy know it already have a answer: is Black Carnival Friday. The rationalists done loss. God, in all He forms, does outrank human in Trinidad; and prayer does beat back thought.

BC Pires is proposing an agnostic school to teach children to doubt any firetrucking body who says he personally represents God

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