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​Yes Qatar, No Quarter, No Bullers

ANYONE SUGGESTING Qatar bribed its way into hosting the World Cup should be thrown into prison without trial along with all the Western hypocrites suggesting that LGBT+ people shouldn’t be flogged or jailed in Qatar if they commit the crime of wearing a rainbow hat.

Or drinking a beer.
Or advocating equal rights for women who were deliberately created, God knows, to be servants of the superior gender, men.
Even if woke liberal idiots are worried by such trivial matters as thousands of migrant workers dying in the construction of the stadiums, or security guards being paid TT$5 an hour, no right-thinking Trini cares more about human rights for bullers and Bangladeshis than football, especially with Japan cutting Germany’ arse and thing!
That is World Cup!

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​8 Billion Served

I WAS in form five at St Mary’s College in 1974 when the four billionth human being was born; last Tuesday, the eight billionth human being arrived. The population of the world has doubled in the time it took me to get my English O’Level and my son to start university.

Helluva thing, as Mr Biswas would have said.
But the numbers are even more startling if you get them in perspective.
Our species, homo sapiens – and, no, Trump supporters, that doesn’t mean you’re gay – has been around for about 300,000 years but it still took until the year 1804 for the world population to reach the first billion person mark.
In 1920, only 123 years later, our population doubled to the two billion; barely 100 years on from 1920, the human population has multiplied by a factor of eight!
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​High Noon for Democracy, BC

LIFE IMITATES ART in the rest of the world but, in Trinidad, life imitates Westerns. No matter how bad things get, a Trini audience or electorate just knows that, in the last reel, either the cavalry or Kamla will ride een to save the day, a faith unshaken no matter how many times they’ve voted for that party or seen that movie and know footy-well that it’s always the bandits that turn up in the end, to rape anything still breathing and loot the corpses.

But this week I’m thinking my own life imitates Westerns completely.
On Tuesday morning, as the Grand Old Neo-Nazi Party began sizing up the US midterm elections for its potential for American Kristallnacht, I entered the cancer ward at St James for my fourth chemo blast; if that’s not a scene straight out of High Noon or Shootout at the OK Corral, it’ll do until one arrives, as Cormac McCarthy would say.
Maggot Republicans and chemo are persistent, like hatred, and have similar side effects. My pre-surgery chemo cycles comprised four 24-hour infusions, with two weeks in-between each, a schedule allowing just enough time to begin to lose the taste of lead pipe from your coffee before the next blast shovels iron filings back into everything; I’ve had betrayals from old friends that left a better taste in my mouth.
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​Lula Fawkes Day

Remember, remember the fifth of November/ The gunpowder, treason and plot/ I know of no reason/ why gunpowder treason/ Should ever be forgot… Remember, remember Bolsanaro covid and 700m Brazilians died/ I see no reason why antivax BS should ever be retried

Illustration by Jade Sheng click picture for link.

Illustration by Jade Sheng. click picture for linkTHE WORLD is in a better place today than on Sunday because Lula won the Brazilian election. With luck, on the other side of the pond, that hate-filled crackpot posing as the British Home Secretary might be sacked for the second and final time and the world will be on a positive roll; keep this up for another week and our most powerful weapon, love, might just have a chance to turn back the tide of rightwing hate that has poisoned human society since 2016.

It’s hard for them to discern because it was sold to them as patriotism but what the man who killed almost a million Brazilians and butchered the rainforest gave his supporters was permission to hate; it’s all that people like him have ever needed.
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