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Ukraine for Dummies

CONSPIRACY THEORIES are like cocaine. Once you snort your first line and it goes to your head, you will suck up unhesitatingly every other line anyone puts on a mirror in front of you.

They have the same effect, too. Conspiracy theory and crack cocaine will both blow your mind, first in one very happy way and then in another very sad one. You go from pragmatist to paranoid in one effortless glide along obviously faked Facebook video links that lead to a pledge to fight to the death against “the Deep State”, an entity so powerful and terrifying it doesn’t have to be defined.
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A Tale of Two TTs

ON FRIDAY NIGHT, 18 March 2022, at 9pm TT time, our own Freetown Collective played the Island Wave stage at the South X South West Music Festival in Austin, Texas and I know they would have brought the house down even as they lifted up and sent soaring every heart in the place. The band is led by co- – no, twin – founders, Lou Lyons and Muhammad Muwakil, singers, songwriters, guitars – and includes Jayron “Rawkus” Remy (DJ and bass guitar) and the Trinity of backing vocalists, Tishanna Williams and sisters Malene and Shanna Joseph.
Before they left, on the Sunday of their Naparima Bowl gig, I spent four hours with them (the fruits of which Newsday readers will soon see unfold in Trini to the Bone over six consecutive Mondays, hopefully starting soon).
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If Abu Were Putu

THE WORST thing is not that Vodka Hitler has started World War III that may kill us all and will certainly starve perhaps millions, and only because he convinced himself that subjugating and occupying Europe’s second largest country was a day-work.

No, the worst thing is that the “intellectuals,” bending over backwards to limbo under their own IQs, do not even recognise they are rationally attempting to appease a madman, just like Neville Chamberlain did Hitler in 1939.
With the same likely result.

If it weren’t tragic, it would be hilarious: stoked by righteous indignation, the clowns rail against American aggression. Yes, Vlad the War Criminal invades Ukraine, murders babies, bombs hospitals, sets fire to Chernobyl, the largest store of nuclear waste in the world – and these jokers are outraged by NATO expansionism!

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​The Final Dissolution

AND SO the Hitler comparisons prove to be unfair… to Hitler! More than 80 years later, the Ukraine must be the Sudetenland and this year’s warlord must once more be appeased with the blood of innocents. But, this time, it’s not even about an insane ideology of racial superiority; it’s just about one rich madman seeking to make himself and his warlords richer.

As you cuff down your “cole beeyars” after work today, Ukrainians sit in cold dark subway stations staring into the abyss. Hopelessly outmanned and outgunned soldiers face the onslaught of the best-equipped armies of the most evil man on the planet.
And this unjust and unjustifiable war in the Ukraine raises a question that may change our lives forever: can Western liberal democracy survive?
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