The High Cost of Living

My name is Robin Foster and I’ve found out that, to go about the business of living, you have to accept your own death.

If you look at my face good, you go see Pelham St and the Circular Road running right through it. I’m from the Belmont that David Rudder sang about.

Myself and Trevor and Steve, David’s younger brothers, were friends. David and I only became close when he got thrown into this other world, the kind of popularity he got, I was probably the only recognisable face on that side [of the social divide].

Belmont had characters. An old Indian man used to ride donkey-cart called “Riverbud”. One day his cow get away and bust through our pitch game. Mr Rush used to ride a bicycle with about a million bags. Everybody used to call him, “Bags!” And he would reply, “You black and stink!” Everybody was black and stink, except for Bruce Aanansen, who was “White dog!”

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