Parang in the 21st Century

My name is Stanley Jennings and I am a parandero. But when I’m onstage, my sobriquet is Albertos Alvarales Consuelo. Stanley Jennings is cool and mellow. But Albertos is cocky. He figures he’s something, nuh.

I’m born and raised in the West my whole life. My family is from Woodbrook. I live in Santa Cruz. When I was 17, I went Santa Cruz with a friend and said, “I’m going to buy my home in this place!” And that’s what I did.

“Jennings” is not a Panyol name but my grandfather, Daniel Noriega, is originally from Venezuela. He was actually the head judge in the first parang competition ever held in Trinidad & Tobago. So I come from genuine parang stock.

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