Sitar Satire

My name is Ravi Sankar and I don’t play the sitar but I love Trinidad & Tobago music.

I know they have a man, Ravi Shankar, and his daughter, Anoushka, who are famous for playing the sitar. I will tell people my name and normally I will get a little tease in-between. I don’t really listen to sitar music. Nor to bhajans or other traditional Indian music. I love hardcore chutney. Rum songs, basically.

I’m from Madras Road, Chin Chin, more Cunupia side. That’s where I spent the whole of my life. I never went anywhere else. It’s a quiet, peaceful agricultural area. I’m a farmer myself but definitely not a ganja planter!

My hobby is doing agriculture. I enjoy growing plants, not really for the money, but just to grow them. But agriculture is profitable, as long as you do it in the proper method. I grow sweet potatoes, pop-poy, peas and peppers. We have good soil in the area and produce some of the most amount of sweet potato you could get in the country. I sell to the wholesale market.

My favourite thing to eat is dumplings and river fish. Not sea fish. Either cascadu or teta. Right now, cascade is scarce through over-fishing, so we have a ban on it. But you could still get teta. But I don’t fish.

I learned agriculture from my dad. It’s a family tradition. I don’t have any kids myself but I want to have. But I don’t have time for a relationship now. Even with what BC Pires just tell me is pretty eyes.

My favourite music is really chutney but I like parang most of all. And a little bit of soca. Not much.

I love Christmas and Christmas in Trinidad is one of the best Christmas in the world. We have the best set of Christmas food and Christmas music. You don’t just get parang like in South America. You get soca-parang, chutney and other different type of music, as well, because we’re cosmopolitan.

I never travelled anywhere but I work with a car rental firm at Piarco International Airport and, by speaking to foreigners from different parts of the world who come here for Christmas, I could tell Trinidad has the best Christmas. I hear about English Christmas, Canadian Christmas, all kinds of Christmas, but they don’t have the freedom to experience Christmas like us, where we will go out there and fete and enjoy the parang. A lot of Trinidadians will reside around the world but, Christmas time, they have to come to Trinidad. For the best Christmas.

In a farming village, people live with more love than in a residential area, where people keep to themselves. If you need help, the village will assist you.

The nickname for my village is Goat Hill because, long time, most of the residents used to mind goat, and in a large way. We’re the second-to-last people in the village who still have goats. For meat, not for milk. Curry, not cheese.

I went to Chaguanas Junior and Chaguanas Senior Secondary School. I was bright in school. Probably I coulda further my studies, end up with a better job than what I have. But I choose to do farming. I have a passion for it. As a sideline. But I hope to make it the main thing, a profitable business venture.

There’s a wholesale market in Macoya open during the day, from 8am-4pm. Most small farmers need a sideline job to survive. A small farmer has to take a whole day off work to go in a daytime market, so most small farmers can’t go to market during working hours. After work, a small farmer will go home, go in the garden with his wife and family and reap, and reach in the wholesale market for two o’clock in the morning. The current working hours in the Macoya market is only benefitting big farmers who could employ workers to go there during the day.

Most Trinidadians like Carnival but, for me, I like Christmas. I love to blow my balloons at Christmas. Hang it up in my house like in a wreath. I love the colourful ones.

Crime is killing we right now but, otherwise from that, we have a loving country, a very loving population. People still care for one another. That’s one of the things that make me very proud to say I’m a Trinidadian.

We have the best cocoa in the world and we supposed to have the best agriculture in the world. Because we have some of the best land in the world! Why we couldn’t develop the agricultural sector, too? With the drop in the price of oil, we’d have been more stable today.

The only problem we have is corruption. If the government could be a little more accountable, we will be a First World country. Because the population we have is very small, for the amount of money that we gaining in income. If the money wasn’t being stolen, we’d have the best roads in the world, because we have a Pitch Lake. We have all the resources. We supposed to have everything because we lacks nothing.

A Trini is someone who love a lot of bacchanal, love mixing with different races and cultures. And, regardless of what race, love his belly and love to party.

Trinidad to me is a very loving and peaceful place. The problem here is not the people, but the bandits. The bandits out there causing the crime. Just the law and the police have to buck up, be a little more swift. Police down here, compared to the States or any other First World country, very slow.

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