Grounds for delight

My name is Hanson Harribans and I’m a coffee-lover, not a barista.

People call me “Handsome” Harribans all the time. I don’t know where my parents got the name “Hanson” from. But I like it. It works as a conversation starter. When people get tied up, I say, “Just call me Hans”.

My last name is spelled Harribans, not Harribance. People confuse me with the fortune-teller guy (Sean Lalsingh Harribance). He’s no relation but I could probably try some predictions. Like that I might make it with this coffee thing.

I have this hairstyle now, which is called, “not much hair”. But I’ve had dreadlocks and clean cuts.

I’m from Cocoyea Village, San Fernando, just past St Joseph’s Village. Heading to the roundabout.

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