The Salt (Nuts) of the Earth

Picture courtesy Mark Lyndersay

My name is the Honourable Prophet Andy and I am a nuts vendor on the road.

I’m from the Bobo Shanti order. Which I’m a man keep my Sabbath. Work six days, rest holy unto the Lord.

I’m from Laventille, born on top the Hill, which part I had all my boy days. But recently I’m living Maracas St Joseph.

Laventille people used to live as one. I coulda eat by you, you coulda eat by me. It was just a love. Until the Eighties, when the guns and the gangs start to come in. Before, you coulda go on the basketball court. People from Morvant, from all over, used to confederate and do things together. Laventille still nice. It’s just a certain bad seed does spoil the whole great bunch.

God is in my heart, God is in everybody heart. It’s just that some people let Satan take over.

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​Mind Your Own Family Business

Picture courtesy Mark Lyndersay

My name is Derrick Lewis and I manage a family-owned household appliance store.

I’m from Diego. I’ve lived in Diego Martin from my early teens. But I was born in Nelson St, Port of Spain.

There are still good people in East Port of Spain. I oftentimes go back, to make sure the younger ones know where they come from. We don’t have many relationships there any more. But my family and I come from there and we’re good people and there are people like ourselves there still.

Picture courtesy Mark Lyndersay

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​Soy a bean & garden worker

Picture courtesy Mark LyndersayMy name is Joanna Greenidge-Ayers and I am a landscaper.

I was born in Santa Cruz and raised on a farm. In 2011, I got married to Sean Matthew Ayers and moved to Freeport. I met Sean when I was 17. We don’t have any kids as yet but I’d like them pretty soon. I wanted house, marriage, car, my own good job… and then child. Thank God, I’ve achieved it, thus far, in order at age 34.

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