Parents Pending

My name is Joanne D’Juran and my husband and I designed “skins” for children’s lunch kits to increase their capacity and functionality.

D’Juran is an Eastern European name. I was born a Look Kong. But, you know, when women get married, they give away their identity.

My significant other is Clayton. We have two boys, two girls. An eight-year-old, Kyle. Ross is five. Leah is three and my youngest, Jess, is a year. No more, that’s it! Four children is four stressful times packing lunch kits a day.

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Glue Food & Red Wine

My name is Sherlon Campbell and I am a winemaker from Mayaro. The word for “winemaker” is really “vintner”.

I play for Guaya United in the Super League, the best supported team in Trinidad & Tobago football. I’m the vice-captain and the last stopper. If a goal scores, I get most of the blame.

I tried cricket once but it wasn’t my thing. I hear West Indies had great teams back in the glory days. There was a big batsman… what was his name? Something Richards.

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The World of Trinidad & Tobago

My name is Anthony Collymoore and I recently retired after teaching at Morvant/Laventille for 27 years.

I’m from Cascade. That “nasty white boy” area.

I married twice, first to Fay Lopez, back in 1985. We have two children, Jacob, now 30,m and Justin, 28-ish. And now Debbie George since 2004. I tell my sons I’m ready to be a young grandfather. But they just laugh nervously

I’m not churchgoing. Both my wives are Catholic. And I’m a Methodist. So that has been my out.

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Third Division, Third Battalion, Third Platoon Trini

My name is Richard Arrindell and I am a Vietnam veteran. I was a US Marine in Da Nang.

I would say I’m from either Forres Reserve or San Fernando. But I’m definitely

a South boy.

I went to St Peter’s, Forres Reserve then Pointe-a-Pierre, Mt St Benedict, RC Boys Catholic and St Benedict’s College, La Romaine. None of which I learned a bloody thing at!

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