The best of the DIRECTV primetime lineup

If it started within BC on TV’s 6pm-10pm primetime, Malcolm McDowell’s greatest role in Stanley Kubrick’s magnum opus would have got the nod (**A Clockwork Orange BEST FILM OF THE DAY, 10.30pm Max). For those who might be open to admitting that there might just be more to music than is contained in soca and dancehall, the DIRECTV channel offers opera star Placido Domingo (9pm) followed by the world’s most successful living guitarist (Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 70, 11pm).

Today’s Number One Film:

Picture courtesy Flixster*The Hangover, 7.15pm HBO Plus. Watch this if you liked Desperado, Pineapple Express or Fight Club. As action-packed as Zombieland, as off the wall as Pineapple Express and with a script as intelligent and almost as funny as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, this could be the best road trip film since Sideways.

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A Trifecta of Today’s Best Films on the Box

If BC on TV could be sure the highlight of this year’s European Film Festival in Port of Spain, the German Holocaust drama, Phoenix, 3.15pm FoxCin, screened with English subtitles, it would certainly have taken today’s second spot. All the films in today’s “Just Nosed Out”, and several in the “Also Ran”, might have made the cut on a day with a less spectacular and wide-ranging choice.

Boyhood [aka Growing Up] (Richard Linklater/ 2014/ USA/ Drama/ 165 mins/Rated R for language including sexual references, and for teen drug and alcohol use), 3.35pm Cinemax BEST FILM OF THE DAY.

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