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A trifecta of the best films on the box

The preferred portion of BC on TV’s all-time favourite film, **The Godfather Part II BEST FILM OF THE DAY, screens on Fox Classics at 5.35pm, easily the best pick today for anyone fortunate enough not to have seen it before. Several perhaps more deserving movies were too recently chosen to get the nod today.

Today’s Number One Film:

**Shutter Island, 12.30 midday Fox Movies. Watch this if you liked Inception, Memento or The Matrix. A contender for Best American Film of 2010, and almost certainly the Most Imaginative, this is the film Martin Scorsese should have got the Oscar for, not The Departed; you spend the first four reels thinking, “WTF?” and the last reel going, “Wow!” The less said about the plot, the more the viewer will enjoy its unfolding. Almost unbelievably, in the nearly five years since September 2012 that this incarnation of BC on TV has been running, this film has been chosen only twice before, a reflection, not of its quality, but of how relatively rarely it screens on cable and DirecTV. Don’t miss today’s chance, if you’re lucky enough never to have seen it before. Directed by Martin Scorsese/ 2010/ USA/ Thriller-Mystery-Fantasy/ 138 mins/ R for disturbing violent content, language and some nudity.

Also watch:

The End of the Tour, 7.10pm HBO Signature. Watch this if you liked Enough Said, The Social Network or Almost Famous. James Ponsoldt’s excellent film about the five-day interview by Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky of David Foster Wallace, author of one of the most famous literary works of the modern age (even though you’ve probably never heard of it) deserved far more notice than it got. Indeed, it won or was nominated for a couple of Most Overlooked Film awards. Although you may never read either book on which the film is founded (Wallace’s Infinite Jest or Lipsky’s Altough Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself), you should make time for two of the finest pieces of dramatic acting you are likely to see in your lifetime; and all the moreso because they have been so undeservedly overlooked; and even all the moreso because one of them comes from Jason “How I Met Your Mother” Segel – although, to be fair, he has turned in at least one powerful dramatic performance before (Jeff, Who Lives at Home). Directed by James Ponsoldt/ 2015/ USA/ Biography-Drama/ 106 mins/ Rated R for language, including some sexual references.

Freaky Friday, 8.58am Max. Watch this if you liked Big, All of Me or Groundhog Day. For BC on TV to rank a Disney film at all, it would have to be pretty good; to rate one starring Lindsay Lohan highly, it would have to be exceptional; Freaky Friday is. The old body-switching formula (with mother and daughter swapping bodies for a day) if far less inane than you might reasonably expect, and is worth watching just for Jamie Lee Curtis pulling off the teenaged girl poses while pushing 50. Like the films it’s compared to, there’s nothing new at all in it, but it’s all handled directorally so very well, you might even get a little weepy at the predictable end. Mark Waters went on to make a couple o’ other strong films from weak premises in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Mr Popper’s Penguins. Directed by Mark Waters/ 2003/ USA/ Comedy/ 97 mins/ Rated PG.


** The Imitation Game (Bio-Thriller-War), 2.20pm Max; **Let Me In (Horror), 5.20pm FoxCin; **The Shallows (Horror), 9.30pm HBOP; **Sweeney Todd (Horror-Musical), 11.35am MaxP; The Quick & the Dead (Dark Comedy-Western), 9am TCM; Mad Max: Fury Road (Action-Sci-fi-Thriller), 9.05am HBOC & 10.28pm HBO2; ***Evil Dead (Indy-Horror), 10.05am MaxP.


Action/Adventure: Deadpool (Superhero), 5.35pm FoxCom.

Art House/Independent: **Room (Crime-Drama) 11.30am HBOS.

Biography/Documentary: Miles Ahead (Music), 5.10pm HBOC.

Children/Family: Brother Bear (Animated), 1.24pm HBOF.

Classic: An American Werewolf in London (Horror), 12.05 midday FoxClas.

Comedy: The Hangover (Action-Crime-Stoner Comedy), 12.35 midday HBO2.

Drama: **An Education, 2.20pm ISat.

Foreign: Conducta (Cuban Drama), 6.10pm CineLatino.

Horror: **Damien: The Omen II, 1.45pm FoxClas.

Sci-fi-Fantasy: The Age of Adaline, 9pm HBOF.

Thriller: *Falling Down (Action-Crime), 8.05am HBOS; Don’t Breathe, 1.25pm HBOP.

War: Hotel Rwanda, 9pm Sund.

Western: Stagecoach (Ann Margaret/Bing Crosby version), 9pm FoxClas; Mackenna’s Gold, 9.55am FoxClas.

*Starred films have been chosen in the last year. ** Double-starred films have been chosen in the last two months. *** Triple-starred films were chosen last week. Particularly strong Also Ran choices are bolded.

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