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The best of the DIRECTV primetime lineup

On the anniversary of D-Day, one really should watch a war film but the only one to be had is the excellent-but-German-language Holocaust drama-thriller, Phoenix (6.25pm FoxCin). Leo Cappuccino’s great revenge Western (The Revenant, 6.30pm FoxMov) could also have taken today’s BEST FILM OF THE DAY.

Today’s Number One Film:

Picture courtesy Unisci24Drive, 7.20pm MaxPrime BEST FILM OF THE DAY. Watch this if you liked No Country for Old Men, Non-Educated Delinquents or Fight Club. The action film that reminds the discerning viewer that there is a great deal of room for drama within the genre, Drive was nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress Baftas, the Palme D’Or and actually won Best Director at Cannes - and it shows why in every frame. Cinefiles already knew Ryan Gosling was a very strong dramatic actor from Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl but this could well be the best role he might ever have. Playing to all of his strengths, and with a bad-ass score, too besides, Drive is a car flick that displays more awareness of human frailty than car stunts; a film that fans of Arnie Schwarznegger and Woody Allen might enjoy together over a bag of popcorn. Exceptional, once you can stomach the violence. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn / 2011/ USA/ Crime-Thriller-Drama/ 100 mins/ Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence, language and some nudity.


Meet the Fockers (Comedy), 9pm FoxCom; Phoenix, 6.25pm FoxCin; Rabbit Hole (Drama), 7.16pm Gldn; The Revenant, 6.30pm FoxMov; Deadpool (Superhero), 9pm FoxAct.

BEST Pay Per View BET: Fences.

*Starred films have been chosen in the last year. ** Double-starred films have been chosen in the last two months.

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