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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

Tragic Loss of Life but Guns Don’t Kill, Democrats Do!

29 October 2018

Deer Dairy

How many times do I have to warn America about Fake News? How could they say I, who do SO MUCH FOR PEACE IN THE WORLD, ALMOST GOT THE NOBLE PEACE PRIZE FOR TAKING OUT LITTLE ROCKETMAN’S NUKES but do they give me a parade? HOW MANY GOT KILLED WHEN BABOON OBAMA WAS IN CHARGE? THOUSANDS!!!! But Fake News says those kikes got killed because I won’t say white nationalism is a badly thing! HOW COULD IT BE A BADLY THING WHEN I AM WHITE AND I AM A NATIONALIST???? I love this country and will do anything in my power to protect it from MURDERING DEMOCRATS AND CNN!!! Chris Cuomo’s brother is Governor of New York!!!! His pipe bomb should have exploded at least, and Pocahontas’ too – and, if she didn’t get one, somebody should send her one. I'll pay the postage. Don’t want to leave her out, heh-heh-heh. FAKE NEWS IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!! I am bringing people together every day, all over Alabama, the Carolinas, Texas, Louisiana, all the states that KNEW WHAT HONOUR AND DIGNITY MENT!!!! If people are calling me the Messiah – and lots of people are – it’s not my fault. There is no such thing as powerful as an idea whose time has become or something AND IT WAS MY IDEA TO DEFEND THE VICTIMS OF REAL RACISM IN AMERICA!!! White men are the most endangered group in our great country; any woman can point their pussy and take them out!!!! And my example is being followed ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Lovely new guy, knows how to treat a ho, sorry, a woman, just took over in Brazil, looks like he’ll deal with the losers properly. Boy, if we could shut down Fake News here, how much better off would we all be! The people get it!!! And, boy, will the people get it, if we should win next week!!!! AND WE WILL. And then they will. Get it.

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