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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

No Such Thing as the American BLACK Eagle?

6 June 2018

Deer Dairy

What a fantastical time! Things could not be going more goodly. I will soon get the Noble Peace Prize – or else I will defund it, like I did Planned Parenthood – for putting my boot on the neck of Little Rocket Kim Ping Pong HE NEEDED A STRONG AMERICAN JACKBOOT ON HIS LITTLE YELLOW NECK MANY FINE PEOPLE KNEW THAT. Many people are saying that, sometimes, the Nazis knew what they were doing. Even more betterly than the Noble Peace Prize I’m going to get is WHAT I’M DOING TO THE EAGLES!!!! Imagine, Deerest Dairy, they set me up to stand me up! Me!!! I NEVER enter a boardroom until everyone is sitting below me, because my throne, sorry, my seat is always on a raised dashiki or whatever above them. ALWAYS LOOK DOWN ON THEM: FIRST RULE OF THE ART OF THE DEAL. And I look down on those Eagles. Too good to come to Trump House? I’ll get them all fired. I’ll talk to the NFL owners and give them a tax cut for every Niger-American they fire! MAKE THE NFL GREAT AGAIN!!!! Why can’t the NFL be more like NASCAR? I saw all of this long ago, Deer Dairy, when they elected Babbon Obama. What a mistake it was letting them out of the chains, the fields, the prisons. NOW TO GET THEM OUT OF THE NFL. Take a knee, my ass! You’ll take a Donald J Trump foot up your ass! Stand up for this grate country which I would have won the war in Vietnam by myself, nobody could ever kill more gooks than me, except I had cancer of the shin burrs or something. Tell them Donald J Trump said it’s the American BALD Eagle not the American BLACK Eagle!!!! Before I’m done here, Deerest Dairy, those uppity Negroes are going to know their place again.

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