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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

All is Fare in Love & Trade War

8 March 2018

Deer Dairy,

So many loser dunces who know nothing about economicalism. Don’t they get it yet? They still haven’t read The Art of the Deel? Learn something from the bestly man in business, ever, and TV star of history. MY NEW TRADE WAR IS GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GRATE AGAIN! Who needs Gina? Three weeks from now, everything in the world will be marked MADE IN AMERICA when you turn it upsided down. Especially STEAL! Gina will be using our steal and MEXICO WILL BUILD THE WALL AND CANADA WILL PAY FOR IT! Really can’t understand why so many people who should know about business a little bit protest so much about my tariffs on steal! HAVE THEY NEVER WATCHED THE APPRENTICE? I always win after the last advertisement break! When I put on the tax on Gina buying our steal, or however the fuck those tariff things work, THEY WILL PAY US! I always win, Deer Dairy BECAUSE IT IS MY SHOW AND I WILL TAKE MY RATINGS AND GO. You will see. When the European Shithole Community sees I’m not backing down, they will just cave and buy our steal. AND MEXICO WILL PAY THE TARRIFF! It’s going to be terrific and TARRIFFIC too! I have the bestly jokes, much better than Babbon Obama’s. Hmmmm. I AM PUTTING A TARRIFF ON STORMY DANIELS. I never met her and it was my lawyer who paid her off, not me, so there.I win again. Too easy, sometimes, Deerest Dairy, too easy.

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