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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

Here's the Deal: DACA for the Wife-Decker

13 February 2018 Inst 44

Deer Dairy,

How fastly things change up and down that make life worth something or whatever. Just mare days ago I was dancing on sunshiney parades, thinking of ICBMs and jet planes flying through the skies and troops marching across America to salute me and how I’d put some tanks in the Niger-American areas of DC – can’t call them “neighbourhoods” because they don’t love their neighbours, they just kill them, get some respect back, put them in their place, Make America Great Again by Making Negroes Scared Again. This week, every channel I flick to is raving about White House staff wives who needed to learn who was boss. No Melania black-eye pictures to stress about if you hit them in the fleshy parts. Kick them in the ass with your steel-tips and they’re not showing that to the FBI! LOL! Rob “Powerhouse” Porter was a strong man in the White House because he was a strong man in his own house! Hard facts Fake News won’t report: God gave the penis to Adam, not Eve, so WHO WARES THE PANTS? But I have a plan for them – I have the bestly plans, no plans are better than mine – I’m going to finish this whole, oh, boo-hoo, wife-beating is so bad, wah-wah-wah, what do you say to a woman with two black eyes? Nothing: you already told her TWICE!!! LOL!!! I have no sympathy for liars who ruin reputations by mare allegations! I don’t like alligators! (Is that where "crocodile tears" comes from? Who knew?) What happened to Jew Process? That’s my Final Solution, Deer Dairy, but including the blacks this time. Still, until we get to that, here’s the next step in the plan, Deerest Dairy: I will say I feel sorry for those bitches IF THE DEMOCRATS BUILD THE WALL! Let’s secure our borders before we make whiny bitches who deserve whatever they get feel better about their patheticall worthless lives. If they hadn’t bothered him, he wouldn’t have hit them! He’s an American hero, like No-Spine Nunes. God bless him and all the other innocents like Roy Moore and Harvey Whatever-stein.

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