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​Plight of the ISIS

OUR FIRST PRIME minister, the late ingrate, Dr Eric Williams, gave the “nation” three watchwords, “Discipline, Production, Tolerance” – but, since Independence, Trinidadians have honoured only one. From the ruling sector (who uphold all the pomp of office and none of its dignity) through the middle-class patriots (who scrabbled with Haitians for refugee status in Canada) to the working-class women brawling over fried chicken or bony men, as a nation, the only thing we have ever produced with discipline is empty melodrama Read more

Sacred Wrongs, Human Rights

IN THE WEEK of the 26th anniversary of Trinidad’s bloody botched Islamist coup attempt and in the wake of that holy Islamist Bastille Day mowing-down of children by the Dump Truck of God, it’s deeply refreshing to see a Trinidadian court, even if only a common or garden one, order a security company to pay a pile of money to a former guard, who was sacked for wearing a sack: after her conversion to Islam, she put on hijab instead of uniform headwear.

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Holy Firetruck!

ONE THOUGHT goes off in my own mind every time some crackpot Muslim jihadist explodes himself: that mofo just blew himself (and innocent bystanders) to bits gleefully, to rush to Heaven and reap his reward of 72 virgins; 72 virgins! As a reward! As Robin Williams (I think) said, Anybody who thinks 72 virgins is a good thing clearly never actually had one. You could accurately call the jihadist mindset a firetrucked-up perspective. Read more

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