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​Fake Truth

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IN HIS APPALLING, but entirely predictable, “defence” of the sanctity of marriage as being between a penis and a vagina on Monday, the Catholic archbishop actually had the cojones to invoke truth! Ah, but doesn’t God work in mysterious ways his hypocrites to reveal.

Look at the picture of the half-dozen old men – average age about 80, two in dresses (if not quite in drag), one proudly sworn to complete personal sexual ignorance – look at six or seven old men, holding hands and grinning for the camera, and ask yourself if what they are working for is not the denial of homosexuality, but of sexuality itself. Ask yourself which of those close-minded dullards could get a hot date on a Friday night and you have the answer as to why they have risen to the top of their respective religions.

All religions extant today exist only to deny the female, the gender which gives life itself. Without an omnipotent, angry male God, a torrent of superstition and the threat of eternal damnation to force it, who in their right mind would put a man in charge of anything ahead of a woman other than a barbecue, a stag party or a fist fight?

Women already don’t need men, just their Y-chromosome; in time, Mother Nature might rid herself of her greatest threat by letting the most belligerent, aggressive, limited, stupid and superstitious of life forms – male humans – simply die out.

But, until reason triumphs, weak old men will depend on God like ticks in a dog’s ear.

Consider, too, that these men chose to defend penis-and-vagina marriage while simultaneously completely ignoring both the beating near-to-death of a woman by her male ex-lover as well as the broadcast of a video of the vicious assault on primetime TV. You would think a self-appointed “man of God” would consider it more important to protect the sanctity of life – or at least the standards of decency that would resist the treatment of attempted murder as entertainment fit for primetime television – than the notion of penis-and-vagina marriage.

You would be dead firetrucking wrong.

But, even if you abdicate your responsibility to defend human rights, you ought not to hand it over to people who have made it a career to deny facts and promulgate myths and fictions. Remind yourself that the faiths those so-called holy men purported to speak for on Monday have vigorously (and, sometimes, for centuries) defended every horrendous moral transgression in history, from child sacrifice through chattel slavery to genital mutilation.

But say you were so abused by your parents in your childhood that Middle Eastern fairy tales were implanted as fake truths in your defenceless little mind: assume you believe, e.g., that a loving father would torture and murder his own son because he had the conviction that doing so would, somehow, give eternal life after death to every human being born afterwards. (The major “truth” of Christian faith would land its proponent today, not in paradise, but in either prison or the madhouse.)

Even if you have been brainwashed into to handing matters of conscience over to men who have, previously, justified every act of inhumanity in the name of God – shouldn’t you at least require your putative holy men to be consistent within their own mumbo-jumbo?

The hypocrisy was so thick in the free-to-air on Monday, you could have cut it with a small boy’s penis (historically proven to be the preferred sexual organ of Catholic priests sworn to celibacy) or a wad of cash (the preferred fruit of the scriptures for Pentecostals).

The Catholic archbishop stood truth on its head when he claimed that he and his sexless brothers spoke for 90 per cent of the country when the Catholic archbishop demonstrably doesn’t even speak for 90 per cent of his own flock. It is Catholic doctrine that artificial birth control is “intrinsically evil”; which makes almost every nominally Catholic parent you know a mortal sinner, damned to Hell unless they confess and repent before death, and the shepherd of their flock a bare-faced liar.

Find the Catholic families with nine, ten or 11 children – personally, I know only two – and you will find the people the Catholic archbishop and his band of brothers in dresses truly represent: not at all 90 per cent of our population, but the lunatic fringe that disguises its hatred and its denial of Jesus’ only commandment as the work of God.


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