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The Arc of the Covenant

JUSTICE DEVINDRA RAMPERSAD, in the Jason Jones Case, on Thursday 12 April, declared the old buggery laws unconstitutional and good T&T Christians are devastated; they did not think they were going to be left behind at all, far less in quite this way. Family life and morality are now, apparently, utterly destroyed, and the creeping, evil LGBT agenda advanced.

Imagine, the good Christians say, we may soon be forced to treat homos & lesbos as if they were human!

Exactly what the old slave-owners said, two centuries ago, after Emancipation, the last time family life and morality were so utterly destroyed, and superior people were forced, by law, against their will and better judgement, to act as if people they knew to be inferior were their equals.

How long, good Christians worry, will it be before homosexuals will aspire to the highest offices in the land? As if homosexuals, from Alexander the Great through Leonardo Da Vinci to Alan Turing, haven’t benefitted humanity since the start of time.

And as if the greatest love Christian men unfailingly claim to be capable of is for another man! (And, if Biblical clues are anything to go by, a man who by far preferred the company of men to women, as 12 constant male companions and one measly foot massage for one prostitute imply.)

Perhaps someone should explain to the Pentecostal Assemblies of the Flat Earth that the Jason Jones ruling does not require them to have same gender sex, only to mind their own firetrucking business.

I’m always suspicious of any man who declares that he is disgusted by the notion of gay sex; me always thinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

Now that Justice Rampersad has made case law accord with both common sense and human rights – and what any true Christian already knows in his heart – the challenge moves to Parliament, which can prove it is not itself filled with shrinking violets by striking the laws off the statute books in its next sitting.

Prime Minister Rowley should lead from in front on this issue, even though no politician in Trinidad wants to annoy churches, because they deliver thousands of ignorant votes.

It is now time for churches and religious leaders to be led gently out of the Dark Ages and into the light of love and compassion.

And to firetruck away with the “love the sinner but hate the sin” nonsense.

Down through time, churches have always led the fight against human decency. For aeons, women have been subjugated at the command of a male god; indeed, this chief mission of the Abrahamic faiths works so well in the Islamic version that intelligent women are often heard to declare that their veil – the visible demonstration of their subservience – frees them.

The only greater irony coming from supposedly holy men is the hatred levelled at good, gay people by black Christians for being themselves: the same Bible now being used to prove the inferiority of the homosexual was used to prove the inferiority of the African slave! Watch the descendants of slaves clamour to deprive their fellowmen of liberty and you want to weep for their great faith and greater stupidity.

Good Christians now terrified of the homosexual agenda should remind themselves of three things: 1. Sodomy is not now compulsory – you don’t have to have sex with another man, no matter how appealing you might secretly find it; 2. It was the religious leaders of his time, their equivalents, who, in the name of their God, crucified Jesus Christ for blasphemy; and 3. There is no difference between denying the humanity of the LGBT and that of the left-handed.

Justice Rampersad and Jason Jones yesterday offered good Christians the same thing that Jesus Christ offered the Pharisees who murdered him 2,000 years ago: the light of love, hope and justice.

A case brought by one man yesterday became hugely important for all humanity for all time – and for right here, right now. In difficult economic times, it is always the modus operandi of the incompetent leader to unify the majority of his people by the common hatred of a minority.

And the bullers are always the first to be targetted, even before the blacks and the Jews.

Let the one amongst you who is without sin cast the first stone.

If there is a Rapture to come, and you really don’t want to be left behind, look into your heart.

And find the rainbow of love, which you should now consider the Arc of the Covenant.

BC Pires is praying for the natural prey of the Christian. Read more of his writing at www.BCPires.com

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