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Ainsley & the Snails - A Modern Sculpture in Prose

ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, when I held my own private mental burial of Ainsley Chan in Barbados, it rained heavily, and the snails came out like the PNM faithful for the party leader’s birthday; and I tossed snails into a bucket and thought of Ainsley going into a bucket of his own and down into the only real estate any of us can ever truly own: six feet of worthless dirt.

Ainsley, who died on 13 October at a distressingly young 51, played a major part in many lives but few as pivotally as mine: for better or worse, without Ainsley Chan, I wouldn’t be writing in the papers today; and that’s better for me, even if worse for some (like the PNM/ UNC/ COP/ NAR/ WHAT-EV-AR faithful).

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Rottweiler Blues

JUST WHEN you think Trinidad can’t out-Trinidad itself any farther, Roodilal “Rood-Boy” Moonilal (who usually takes the most uppity position in the Opposition) drops a bombshell in the House of Representatives allegedly connecting Prime Minister Keith Rowley to thievery at Petrotrin.

It’s all an embarrassing mess, of course… but there’s a real delight for the aficionado of irony in there being a possibly bogus email at the bottom of Rood-Boy’s defamatory accusation because the last time a Parliamentarian was accused of bringing the House into odium by maliciously promoting a possibly bogus email, it was none other than… wait for it… Keith Rowley himself!
Betty-goaty; as they say in Tobago
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​Supreme courting disaster

A HANDFUL OF old men in Washington stood poised on Friday to take us all back into the Dark Ages by taking the first step – the appointment of an alleged attempted rapist to the US Supreme Court – in their battle to restrict women’s reproductive rights.

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