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​Serious Firetrucking Joker

The Joker as a piece of art

MARTIN SCORSESE, the great American filmmaker, a friend told me, dismissed the new Todd Phillip/Joaquin Phoenix film, Joker, as “not cinema”. “That,” I thought, “is a sure sign that senility has set in.”

There’s hope for Scorsese’s mind, though, because he didn’t actually say that; my friend applied, too liberally, Scorsese’s dismissal of Marvel movies generally as visual “theme parks”. “It isn’t the cinema,” Scorsese said, “of human beings trying to convey emotional psychological experiences to another human being.” It may mean nothing at all to people who peremptorily dismiss all comics equally, but there’s a world of difference between Marvel and DC (Detective Comics).

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​We Come Like Salt

MY FAVOURITE MUSICIAN of all time remains Jimi Hendrix, the man who exploded the electric guitar and my teenaged consciousness without drugs of any kind (at least for me). My favourite musician in my teenaged years was Alice Cooper, who backed up his shock-rock Marilyn Manson-before-Marilyn Manson persona with excellent lyrics and some good – sometimes some great – rock music.

Turns out they both had Trinidad connections.

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​Banana or Ganja Republic?

MANY TRINIDADIANS – and Tobagonians, too – spent Wednesday’s Republic Day holiday cleaning up after this year’s worst floods (so far) and you can’t blame them for not being in the right mood to reflect on our republican status.

When you’re shovelling a tonne of mud out of your bedroom, so that you can get your fridge and TV down from the top of the clothes closet, the only place they could stay dry, your thoughts don’t naturally run to listing the innumerable practical advantages of not having Queen Elizabeth as your head of state.

Or having a president whose greatest asset, you’ve learned from bitter experience, is that he or she remains permanently unnoticed, occasionally quietly holding tea parties for foreign dignitaries (instead of regularly kicking domestic constitutional or political marabunta nests).

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