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The BC ABC of Caribbean movies

NINE YEARS AGO, as a run-up to the sixth Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, I listed my Top Ten Caribbean Films in a snappily titled presentation called, “Men from Africa, Girls from India, Conquistadors from Germany & Some Cosquelle Rebels”. With this year’s festival happening within Carifesta this weekend, I’m revisiting – and substantially changing – that list. Read more

​Poor Fat Nixon

SPARE A THOUGHT for poor Fat Nixon, that low-class, highfalutin, moron in the White House, who must be catching his flabby, fraudulent, corrupt, criminal, treasonous, trailer-sized ass trying to figure out how to continue riling up his base without actually triggering a race war in America – and the only reason he wouldn’t trigger that war is because he can’t be certain the white supremacists would win.

I’m guessing my name has just been scratched off the invitation list to the American ambassador’s Halloween party.

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Gay Pride, Christian Shame, Mental Emancipation

YOU COULD spot the two Pentecostal preachers at the Gay Pride celebration in Port of Spain’s Mandela Park on Sunday easily: they were the only unhappy people in the place. Scowling, holding their placards filled with Biblically-justified hatred in front of them like shields, their eyebrows were as knotted as their insides, their stomachs turned sick by what they were seeing… which was the happiest people in Port of Spain.

Rainbow-shrouded men and women (and every permutation and/or combination in-between) jumped up behind the music big truck, played themselves on the street, posed for pictures in front of the two-metre high “GREAT” on St Clair Avenue, implying a Britain made Great by equality, that was specially commissioned by the British High Commission for Pride.

And then gathered in the park to celebrate their freedom to do it openly.

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