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Sacred Wrongs, Human Rights

IN THE WEEK of the 26th anniversary of Trinidad’s bloody botched Islamist coup attempt and in the wake of that holy Islamist Bastille Day mowing-down of children by the Dump Truck of God, it’s deeply refreshing to see a Trinidadian court, even if only a common or garden one, order a security company to pay a pile of money to a former guard, who was sacked for wearing a sack: after her conversion to Islam, she put on hijab instead of uniform headwear.

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Mick Firetrucker

IT WAS A GOOD week for the bizarre. The expected birth of Rolling Stones’ frontman, 72-year-old Mick Jagger’s eighth child (with his fifth child-mother, a 29-year-old ballerina) was announced just days before Melania Trump delivered what might have been her maiden speech to the Republican National Convention as wannabe First Lady, had the same speech not been first made by a real First Lady eight years before

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Manning Overboard

YOU OUGHT TO know your position is indefensible if Sat Maharaj is correct to oppose you. The apparent leader-for-life – one hesitates to call him the Trini Raj – of the (colloquially) Maha Sabha, Trinidad’s dominant Hindu organisation, on Wednesday launched what Shaliza Hassanali’s Guardian story yesterday called “an extraordinary verbal attack” on former Prime Minister Patrick Manning, branding him a racist in “a harsh assessment totally out of step with laudatory ones heaped on Manning in the week between his death and his burial”.

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​The Real Patos in the Fake Pathos

RATHER THAN join the hordes jockeying for advanced position in Trinity Cathedral at tomorrow’s state funeral by rewriting the late Patrick Manning as the Stepfather of the Nation, and not the man who built a palace for himself with taxpayers’ money – and started work on a church likewise – I reprint here my 2001 profile, which I think captured him as he remained. At his lowest political ebb, Read more


DESPITE THE more oily of their numbers being able to hide their astonishment well, no one was more shocked at Britain’s voting to leave the European Union than the people who campaigned for it. What happened in Westminster last week was very much like what might have happened in Port of Spain in 1990, had Abu Bakr succeeded in his coup attempt: the “victors” had no

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