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​BC-Exit from Brexit

THE ONLY person who could possibly be more fed-up of Brexit than me must be British Prime Minister Theresa May – and she, at least, is getting something out of it, even if only a pay cheque now and, in the near future, a far earlier retirement from political life than she’d planned. All Brexit is delivering to me is the kind of hazardous distraction you get when you’re driving 120 kph down a highway and a Jack Spaniard crawls at eye-height across the inside of your windshield; if that firetrucker stings you, it could mean death.

So now you have to keep one eye on the road and the other on the Jep.

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TGIF - Delayed

Thank God it's Friday's column will be delayed by one day now it is being published in the Newsday. Check your Newsday paper or online today for BC's column Thank God It's Friday

Tomorrow you will find TGIF on bcpires.com and all subscribers will received their emailed copy.

In case you firetrucking care!

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​A Country Called Rihanna

ST LUCIAN Prime Minister Allen Chastanet talked more sense in a single sentence on TV Six’s Morning Edition this week than his combined brothers and sister across Caricom, the Caribbean Community, have all year. Indeed, Chastanet’s casual comment this week is more important than all the formal official statements made in the near half-century since the “heads of government” have met twice a year – roughly 90 times so far, and counting – ostensibly to bring Caricom countries closer together, but actually to determinedly keep them apart, to protect their own fiefdoms. “The world keeps seeing us as one,” said Chastanet, “and we keep resisting that temptation to becoming one.”

It’s not rocket-firetrucking-science.

It’s not ground-firetrucking-breaking, either.

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