A trifecta of the best films on DIRECTV

If it started a bit later, John Ford’s groundbreaking Western (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 7.30am FoxClas) would have made the cut, if only for its non-linear storytelling, and despite having Da Dook in a lead role. For the sci-fi OCD set, HBO Plus screens the quite good Jurassic Park (10.35am) and two of its five ho-hummish sequels (12.45 midday, 2.55pm).

Today’s Number One Film:

Picture courtesy WikipediaSweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, 2.05pm MaxPrime. Watch this if you liked Pan’s Labyrinth, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride or Kill Bill Vol I. The kind of musical you’d expect Tim Burton to make:

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