The best of the DIRECTV primetime lineup

If BC on TV could be sure nothing would be cut – it screens on a “movie” channel that cuts words and blurs images – one of the most imaginative horrors ever shot (The Cabin in the Woods, 9pm Stun) would have got the nod.

Today’s Number One Film:

Picture courtesy Amazon.comShallow Hal, 6.20pm Cine Canal. Watch this if you liked Easy A, Click or The Truman Show. Bobby & Peter Farrelly forego their usual repugnant-but-hilarious comedy (Dumb & Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) and come as close as they ever will to sensitive in this story about a superficial man tricked into seeing inner beauty, not its outer from.

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A Trifecta of Today’s Best Films on the Box

Had it only screened even an hour earlier, today’s top pick would surely have been White God (11.05pm, FoxCin) one of the most imaginative – and amazingly shot – films of the last 30 years. It dips to near-collapse in the last reel but, up to then, even the most jaded cinefile ought to be captivated; if you aren’t blown away by the opening scene, though, don’t bother; it’s that kind of film.

Late in the week, Sunday programming for most movie channels had not yet been released but the available choice was still good enough to toss up half-a-dozen films with not a lot separating them for the top spot.

Today’s number one film:

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