​Sunday BC on TV – A trifecta of the best films on the box

In exceedingly trying circumstances - I’m piggybacking on borrowed hardware because my computer has crashed big-time and is being held captive in the dungeon of the repair shop here in Bimshire - BC on TV takes the form (hopefully, for today only) of a straightforward declaration of what I think are the three best films of the day and a list of options.

There are three very clear top-runners in the pack.

You have two chances (10.30am & 9.45pm Cinemax) to see today’s best film Locke, a thriller set entirely in the front seat of a BMW, give or take a few establishing shots. This is nail-biting tension that would please even the Fast & Furious crowd - okay, maybe not them; they’d consider it a waste of a Bima. For the discerning grownup, though, it’s hard to top.

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