The best of the DIRECTV primetime lineup

By a wonderful coincidence of boxing films-programming, Creed (9pm HBO2) knocks the dreadful Southpaw (9pm MaxP) flat on its rear end in the opening seconds. Had a horror film (The Butterfly Effect) not been picked yesterday, and had it screened on a “real” movie channel, the director’s cut of one a groundbreaking horror (Evil Dead, 9pm Spac) would have taken top spot.

Today’s Number One Film:

Ex Machina, 9pm Cinemax Ch 540. Watch this if you liked Her, Lucy or Chappie. The first feature film from the writer of 28 Days Later shows his gifts may be even stronger behind the camera than the typewriter – and it might be ungracious to add, “especially considering that his first novel was The Beach”.

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