A Trifecta of Today’s Best Films on the Box

Three films battled their way to the top of a strong field by virtue of all having two chances to see them.

Today’s number one film:

Batman Begins (Christopher Nolan/2005/ USA/ Crime-Fantasy-Drama-Action-Mystery/ 141 mins/ Rated PG-13 for intense action violence, disturbing images and some thematic elements), 8.39am & 7.40pm HBOP. Watch this if you liked any of the other Dark Knight films, any Daniel Craig James Bond film or Sin City. The Chris Nolan Batmans are easily the best comic book-to-movie translations – or at least the smartest ones – so far made. With a first half structured a la Memento and the more familiar city-under-threat second half much more realistically presented than the claustrophobically dark earlier Tim Burton movies, and with Christian Bale leading an impeccable cast, this is a film that can please adults who

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