TT Film Fest Film of the Day for Tuesday 25th September

The 13th Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival ends today.See all you can but make sure you see this final daily selection.

Today’s film is:

Black Hair (Gabriella Bernard + Miquel Galofre/ 2018/ Trinidad & Tobago / Documentary short / 20 mins/ All ages) 6pm Screen 4, MovieTowne San Fernando.

The protagonist is credited as co-director, along with multiple TTFF-winner, Miquel Galofre, of what might be the most talked about film of the festival – even if the bit most talked about might not be in the cut shown, probably because the filmmakers do not have the rights to that portion of the film. Certainly there was enough of a national debate over “black hair” and its harsh chemical “relaxing” for the discussion to be taken to the TV Six Friday night television news. The missing scene, which went viral on social media, shows the protagonist, whose principal struggle in her short life, has been to accept herself for who she is, including the natural hair on her head, protesting against her hair being straightened. Such resistance to fashion reality is frowned upon generally in the West and specifically by the hairdressers in the reality-TV model show in which the protagonist was a participant. The impact of the documentary film has indubitably been reduced by the excision of that scene; still, what remains is a powerful polemic for self-respect and against self-loathing. Pity the public figures who put themselves on the wrong side of what is really a straightforward issue. Another little slice of excellence from the filmmaker from Barcelona via Belmont, and his sidekick/frontwoman.

Also consider: *Cocote, 8.30pm MT POS; *TTIT 40th Anniversary Q+A, 3pm MT POS & 6pm MT SF; *Hall, 8.30pm MT Tobago; El Chata (The Sparring Partner), 6pm MT POS; Unfinished Sentences, Q+A, 6pm MT POS; Paranoia: Crime in Trinidad & Tobago, 8.30pm MT SF; March of the Mokos Q+A and The Firewalkers of Kali, Q+A, 3.30pm MT POS.