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is a barrister by qualification (class of 1984) but, for the last 28 years, has done nothing but write to earn a living. His flagship column, Thank God It’s Friday, has appeared in either the Trinidad Guardian or the Trinidad Express since Ash Friday, 1988. He has written about film from an informed lay perspective for the same period and is as close as the cricket-playing West Indies gets to a film critic (though he refuses that label). He has written for many publications, including the London Sunday Observer and the London & Manchester Guardian. Since 2010, his personality-based feature, “Trini/’Bago to D Bone” has been appearing in the Trinidad Guardian. Since 2002, he has been the editor of Cré Olé, the Trinidad & Tobago annual restaurant guide.
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Thank God It’s Friday

The Last Satire in America

Satire: The use of humour, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices.ANYONE WHO thought that Donald Ciretrunt would somehow mysteriously ‘become more presidential’ if he won the election got the rudest possible awakening a week ago, when Ciretrunt deliberately placed both feet upon the corpse of an innocent woman, murdered by savages, to stand up for those fundamental American values of Nazism, anti-Semitism and white supremacy.Ciretrunt snuffed out the American Dream with his support for a group he ought to have condemned; and he just about extinguished satire, too. How the firetruck do you exaggerate the occu-ciretrunt of the White House supporting Nazis?There’s only one piece of satire left in America and here it is, presented in the vain hope read more...

BC on TV

A Trifecta of What’s Best on the Box

It’s a clean sweep for crime flicks in today’s film picks.Today’s Number One Film:*The Godfather Part I, 12.20 midday Paramount. BEST FILM OF THE DAY. Watch this if you liked Casino, Goodfellas or the HBO series The Sopranos. Part I of BC on TV’s favourite film of all time and the American Film Institute’s No. 3 begins the story of the rise of the crime figure – Marlon Brando in his best role ever (except possibly for Kurtz in Apocalyspe Now) supported by Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and more. The most quoted movie of all time, for the very good reason that it has the best script, ever. “Leave the gun; take the cannoli”. Part I & II are really one film, shot two years apart. Like The Sopranos, its best imitation, and the greatest American Read more...

Firetruckery of the Day

​For the Gemini in All Our Bellies

The greatest modern challenge – and it’s really unique to our age – is to separate the ludicrous from the genius. We have to overcome the challenge everywhere from the Cabinet through the campuses to the catwalk: are we supposed to admire or sneer at those policies, courses or fashions? But, extreme sushi notwithstanding the contradiction of our age hasn’t so far been literally served up on a plate in front of us. What do we make of the “hamdog”, apart from a meal – or two? Successfully patented by Mark Murray, an Australian entrepreneur/joker-who-got-taken-seriously, the hamdog is doing well in Western Australia, whose most famous son until now was Heath Ledger. The bit that allowed the patent, I’m guessing, is the bun, which is handmade and designed to accommodate both the hot dog sausage and the burger patty; from above, it looks like two Starship Enterprises had such great sex, they shook off their tailfins. At last, a meal for the junk food addict who just can’t make up his mind; wait for the hamdogandfries the old Mark is surely cooking up at the back of his mind.

Firetruckery thanks to Ira from a Brooklyn more famous for its hot than its hamdogs.

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Trini to d Bone

The Arima Kid - Pt II

You were doing something serious and important?But of course!Yet it was trivialized?[Interrupting] Everybody, everybody, everybody!Was that not painful?Very painful. Even my closest connections, some of my immediate family and other people would say, “Listen, man, why you don’t do something serious?” But it give opportunity! I remember we went to Cedros and there was a man with a funny face. They called him “Ugly”. He was making faces at me from the audience. People were saying, “Move from here!” But I put him on [camera] and asked him, “How you going?” And he made his funny face. He got a job just from that, what we called DEWD or Public Works. He became a personality, more than a clown. He became “Mr Ugly” instead of just “Ugly”. So it Read more...