Thank God It’s Friday

Ainsley & the Snails - A Modern Sculpture in Prose

ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, when I held my own private mental burial of Ainsley Chan in Barbados, it rained heavily, and the snails came out like the PNM faithful for the party leader’s birthday; and I tossed snails into a bucket and thought of Ainsley going into a bucket of his own and down into the only real estate any of us can ever truly own: six feet of worthless dirt. Ainsley, who died on 13 October at a distressingly young 51, played a major part in many lives but few as pivotally as mine: read more...

TGIF - Delayed

Thank God it's Friday's column will be delayed by one day now it is being published in the Newsday. Check your Newsday paper or online today for BC's column Thank God It's FridayTomorrow you will find TGIF on bcpires.com and all subscribers will received their emailed copy.In case you firetrucking care! read more...

Rottweiler Blues

JUST WHEN you think Trinidad can’t out-Trinidad itself any farther, Roodilal “Rood-Boy” Moonilal (who usually takes the most uppity position in the Opposition) drops a bombshell in the House of Representatives allegedly connecting Prime Minister Keith Rowley to thievery at Petrotrin.It’s all an embarrassing mess, of course… but there’s a real delight for the aficionado of irony in there being a possibly bogus email at the bottom of Rood-Boy’s defamatory accusation because the last read more...

​Supreme courting disaster

A HANDFUL OF old men in Washington stood poised on Friday to take us all back into the Dark Ages by taking the first step – the appointment of an alleged attempted rapist to the US Supreme Court – in their battle to restrict women’s reproductive rights. For decades, all over the world, women have been advancing so rapidly, they’ve not just left men behind, but left men drowning in their turbulent wake. Google “graduating class images” and spot the men in the photographs of law read more...

​Patriot of the Patriotism Month

IS ONLY because I is “De Bess” true Trini patriot which it could ever have whereby I’m only now writing a Patriotism Month column, four days after it done; in fact, this is my patriotic campaign to replace the national motto of, “Discipline, Production & Tolerance” with the much more better, “Day Late & Dollar Short”; I is a true-true Trini patriot and I lacks the grammars to prove it. The only thing more green than the knowledge I brings to bears on anything I talks ‘bout is my read more...
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The Secret Diary of Donald J Trump, aged 71 ¾

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Easy as Taking Housing from a Negro

18 October 2018Deer Dairy For a while, I’ll tell you and no one else because YOU CAN’T TRUST ANY OF THESE DIPSHITS everyone kissing your ass in the White Supremacy House and then running to talk to people writing books about KAOS IN TRUMP ADMINSTERY-THING. What bullshit. I’ll lock them all up, lock them up, lock them up. What did Bob Wood-Head ever do for his country? Whereas I fought in Vietnam, Korea and Afghanistan. Hmmm. Must say that two or three times on the campaign trail read more

Too Much Winning

17 October 2018 Deerest Dairy Sorry but I have been giving you even less time than Melania, though you are more important GRATE MEN NEED GRATE THOUGHTS TO THINK THEM IN PRIVATE like in this dairy. I have been busy WINNING ALL THE TIME I put my own Abortion Killer on the White Supremacy Court although FAILING DEMOCRAT MEXICAN-LOVERS FORT VERY HARDLY to stop me. NO ONE CAN STOP ME I am like a tank but a very hand sum one, with REAL HAIR ALL MY OWN not fake like Horseface tits! I wouldn’t read more

BC on TV

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A Trifecta of What's Best on the Box for Sunday 21 October 2018

If it were showing on a “real” movie channel, BC on TV’s second-favourite horror (The Exorcist, 1,34pm AMC) would certainly have made the cut. Today’s Number One Film: *Arrival, 2.40pm HBO Plus BEST FILM OF THE DAY. Watch this if you liked Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Ex Machina or Inception. The French Canadian director who made us all sit up and take notice in 2010 with his first feature film, Incendies, and then rocked us back in our chairs in 2013 with Prisoners, and then bowled us right firetrucking over in 2015 with Sicario returned in 2016 to make us do all three in the same film – just much more slowly. It is perhaps not a film for everyone – and people who require an explosion, a car crash or a murder every ten minutes to keep their attention Read more...

Trini to d Bone

One Food Love

My name is Collette Ruben and I’ve just graduated as a Cordon Bleu professional chef. I’m a Santa Cruz girl. Not so far from where Brian Lara grew up. He and my mum are actually related, though I’m not sure exactly how. They say everybody in Santa Cruz is related butit’s more like everybody in Trinidad [is].My sister, Cherisse, and I have a two-year gap, so we were close. And we had two cousins, Leslie and Lindsay, so it was always the four of us girls.Santa Cruz is a very quiet place. I grew up loving to read. And write, a little bit. Cherisse and I went through a “gory story” phase. A lot of blood and maggots and stuff. Mummy would be, like, “Oh, my God! Stop writing about those things!” I don’t read crime fiction, though. I prefer the Toni Morrison kinda stuff. Elizabeth Nunez is one of my favourites. Oonya Kempadoo, too.I work with my dad in his fine dining restaurant. My mum works there, too. My sister Cherisse will eventually come on as our marketing person. So Read more...

BC Pires

is a barrister by qualification (class of 1984) but, for the last 28 years, has done nothing but write to earn a living. His flagship column, Thank God It’s Friday, has appeared in either the Trinidad Guardian or the Trinidad Express since Ash Friday, 1988. He has written about film from an informed lay perspective for the same period and is as close as the cricket-playing West Indies gets to a film critic (though he refuses that label). He has written for many publications, including the London Sunday Observer and the London & Manchester Guardian. Since 2010, his personality-based feature, “Trini/’Bago to D Bone” has been appearing in the Trinidad Guardian. Since 2002, he has been the editor of Cré Olé, the Trinidad & Tobago annual restaurant guide.
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